What Is the First Step in Engaging Employees?

It is a bit shocking to read that only 13% of employees are engaged at work. According toGallup, in their 142-country study on the State of the Global Workplace, the United States and Canada were only slightly better than world-wide being 29% engaged. This is astonishingly bad.What is the First Step in Engaging Employees

The costs of this situation are staggering – especially in terms of lost productivity and the costs of employee turnover. Certainly, engaging and mobilizing employees is a top frustration. So what are some things you, as a leader can do about it?

There is no single solution, but the first place to start is with you. Are you inspired? Do you love your work? Because if what you do in the world does not inspire you, how can you inspire your employees? Are you committed to being inspiring every day?

Lance Secretan, author of The Spark, The Flame and The Torch, says with all we know about leadership today, there is still something missing. He believes the missing element is inspiration. Before you can inspire others, you first must inspire yourself. He refers to that as the spark.

Where’s your spark?

When you know why you are here, your passion fills you, and you come alive.

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